“The Mini Studio Rig (DIY project)”

Heya guys, sharing some good news! To further my hobby, I’ve decided to set up a home studio (cleaned up the old work room and gave me some space for a table with a diy backdrop). And yes, Wife is very supportive!

I’ll be using this setup to shoot 12 inch figs or 1/6 figs or some automobile diecast models.

For the table setup, I used a black board for the backing so I can attach two pieces of black paper (trying to find a longer roll) and make them act like a studio backdrop for mini models.

A longer roll of black paper would be good so I can use it as a backdrop for 12 inch figures. Until I find it, the two pieces of black paper would have to do.

I used lots of duct tape to make the setup hold together so the Ikea table can be used as a toy studio table. It’s not a professional table but it will have to do!

Also, there’s a drawer underneath it so I can keep my figures for the next shot, accessories, etc. More for convenience.

For the lights, I use Broncolor Siros L 800 and Siros L 400. They don’t need cables, are battery powered (so I can also use them outdoors) and have wifi so I can control lighting remotely using my iPad.

I’ve also set up my Sony A7RII to a laptop by tethering so I can immediately review my shots using Capture One Pro software.

I’ve also used black paper to make a strip box out of my soft box.

Here’s my test shot of a Black Panther toy (non-marvel haha). I’ll be unboxing some figures and will be taking some “studio” shots of them too.

The light is a little harsh still so I’ll be getting additional modifiers to help with future shots.

IG: justmezzingaround

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