10 Ways to be a Better Wedding Guest


I was scrolling through my Facebook feeds and came across an article featuring a wedding photographer’s rant on disruptive guests who get in the way of wedding photographers who are just doing their job.

Good to note that the photographer who was featured in the article did his best to get good shots by getting around guests and other obstacles.

Well, since some of my Mezfans are into wedding photography, I’ve decided to compile a list that may help you.

Oh wait. Maybe the issue isn’t the photographer but the guests themselves after all!

Here’s a helpful list for anyone on how to be a better wedding guest!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a wedding photographer. I specialise in themed concept portrait photography. These are my (tongue-in-cheek) opinions.

If you would like to contribute a tip or a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below.

“10 Ways to be a Better Wedding Guest”

  1. There’s a professional photographer hired by the bride and groom; let him or her do his or her job
  2. There’s a professional videographer hired by the bride and groom; let him or her do his or her job
  3. Put that tablet away – it won’t take good photos or footages and tend to get in the way of the hired personnel
  4. Put that mobile phone away – enjoy the wedding ceremony; leave the photography and videography to the paid professionals
  5. Keep that GoPro and selfie stick – you’re not going skiing
  6. Just because you have a DSLR does not mean you should get in the way of the hired personnel – you might be destroying important moments
  7. Do not touch a professional’s equipment – sliders and tripods could be placed in strategic spots for good reasons
  8. Try not to distract photographers or videographers with small talk – they could be really, really busy
  9. Do not, under any circumstances, push away photographers or videographers; it’s not a nice thing to do and they could miss their shots or lose their focus (literally)
  10. Do not judge a photographer or a videographer based on his or her equipment, and make life miserable for him or her with open snide remarks – it’s not helpful or constructive and they probably know better

For couples, you might want to check out the concept of unplugged weddings. See if this concept works for you (and your photographers/videographers whom you have set aside a nice chunk of your wedding budget for to cover your Big Day).

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