12 Percent of a Plan: A Little Surprise for Ollie

We did something really special for Ollie, a huge fan of James Gunn‘s film Guardians of the Galaxy, who is based in Australia!

Ollie originally wanted our CG Artist friend Cecil (he helped work on the CG effects in our Star-Lord cosplay photoshoot) sketch Peter Quill aka Star-Lord for him but we thought, “Why not go a galaxy further?”

So we had some prints from our Star-Lord cosplay photoshoot made!

Cecil helped print special limited edition copies of our collaboration with Singaporean cosplayer Shyam of Knowhere: For The Pop-Cultured who portrayed himself as the legendary Star-Lord (played by Chris Pratt in the film).

We just wanted to put a smile on a fellow super fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy with one of our cosplay collaborations.

Judging from the video shot by Ollie’s sister, Zea, we’re glad that he liked what he got! Cool smooth, bro!

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