Behind the Scenes: “Farthest Outpost”

I was having some difficulty sleeping so even though it’s past 1am in the morning, I decided to whip out some of my toys and my light tent and do a quick setup.

Here’s what I did. Using my dining table as the platform, I placed my light tent on top and used a black screen for the background and a white screen for the ‘flooring’. I placed some of my toys haphazardly to recreate a messy background for our hero – Play Arts Kai Halo 4 Master Chief.

Using both my Canon 580 EXIIs, I placed them on light stands on the left and the right of the light tent with one acting as key light and the other as rim light. 2 Z96 LED lamps are placed underneath the debris to provide some light for the edges of the underside of the debris for definition.


Once the setup is complete, I shot the image with my Canon 5D Mark III, firing both speedlights using the Phottix Odin transmitter/receiver setup. The lens used was a Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS II USM. Shot at f4, I wanted to focus to be solely on Master Chief.

A lot of post-processing was done to achieve the final results. I had to use resources like downloadable paintbrushes from artists on Deviantart for rain water effects and scour Google for images of debris and water droplets as well as an image of Cortana, the AI construct for the Master Chief.

And here’s the final result. Hope you guys like it!




See more of my works at my Facebook page here.

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