Street Photography: A Black and White Winter in Hong Kong Dec 2013

It has been a while since I did any street photography. A short trip to Hong Kong in December 2013 gave me many opportunities to do so. It was my second time in Hong Kong and this time, I brought along some awesome people along including MizDesert. The main objective of this trip was to go hunting for some elusive toy collectibles. I’ll post some of my purchases when I am done with some backlogs.


Inspired by Russian photographer and Instagram user Murad Osmann, this was an impromptu photo taken along the streets of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. I thought it would be great to immortalize this moment when MizDesert decided to pull me along when I was doing street photography.


It was quite hazy in Hong Kong when we were there.


I was a tourist taking photos of other tourists.


It’s also interesting to see people of many different cultures coming together in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) for shopping and touring the ground. What’s there to see at TST? There’s the Avenue of Stars and 1881 Heritage. What’s there to do at TST? Shopping of course. Head upwards and you’ll get to Mong Kok. Truly a toy collector’s paradise!


St. Michaels stands guard at a cemetery in Happy Valley, slaying a serpent in his wake.


Causeway Bay reminds me of Singapore. There were many people from different cultural backgrounds working and living together.


Underneath 1881 Heritage, we chanced upon an entourage which was having a wedding photography shoot. I guess they were walking through the underpass to get to another location.


Living, breathing Asia, anyone?

A friend once said that you can learn to find yourself in Hong Kong. This same friend whom I visited this time around had another saying: “Now you can find a piece of your destiny here too.” I can easily agree :)

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