“THE LAST TWO OF US” – a Pre-wedding Zombie photo montage (Singapore)

The Art of Mezame


“THE LAST TWO OF US” – a themed prewedding photoshoot
Photography, concept, props and design by The Art of Mezame

Joe Hanan and Siti Maisarah approached me a few months ago to do a prewedding shoot and I pitched the idea of involving pop cultural references such as zombies carrying the theme “Survive till death do us part”. They decided to take it up and man, this was probably one of the most fun and satisfying shoots I’ve done considering that it took us weeks of careful planning :)

[ Credits ]

Photographer and Conceptualist:

Siti Zahara

The Groom-to-be:
Abdul Hanan Bin Aziz

The Bride-to-be:
Siti Maisarah Binte Rosli

Mohd Abdul Halim Bin Aziz
Ali Imran Bin Mohd Mahayuddin
Umar Al-Faruq Bin Mohd Mahayuddin
Zulfadli Bin Zainal Abidin
Siti Maisurah Binte Rosli
Siti Nadhirah Binte Rosli
Siti Zahirah Binte Mohd Rashid
Siti Sarah Amalina Binte Muhd Ariff Khoo
Sueanne Teo

Technical Supervisor:
Sean Padman Israfil McMenamin

Weapons Advisor:
Shyam Luiz Ramasamy

FX Makeup and Costume Design:
Siti Zahara

Music by Puscifer “The Humbling River”

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