BTS: Steampunk + Steel Wool Light Painting + Photography (GOPRO)

The Art of Mezame

Finally managed to edit/upload this! I’ve been quite busy with other stuff like propsmaking and photoshoot planning. This video was shot entirely on my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Shot at 1080p 25fps Wide with Protune enabled.

*I apologize for the shakiness as the GoPro was strapped to my head using the head harness.*

This shoot really is a photography collaboration between like-minded artists/creatives. We experimented with steel wool light painting with a steam punk theme. I would like to thank Missy Ida for inviting me to join this very awesome and fun photoshoot! I would also like to thank Skyimage U’sov, Jaliboy Paolo Ruder and Tømmy Rebel for organizing the shoot. This shoot couldn’t have been done without them.

You can see my rendition of Ria Fushia Ferilyna (the model/talent) for that evening here:

Do support my page: The Art of Mezame / . Thank you for viewing!

Music by Within Temptation feat. Keith Caputo “What Have You Done” and Darude feat. JS16 “My Game (remix)”

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