Little Sister with Big Daddy from Bioshock

Well, not really. I was just lucky to be invited by Missy Ida of Ida+In for a photoshoot collaboration with other photographers. The collaboration carried the steampunk theme and incorporated burning steel wool photography. It was an eye-opening experience!

Here’s the full rundown of what we did.

Theme: Steampunk Molten Wool
Chiefs: Skyimage U’sov, Tømmy Rebel & Jaliboy Paolo Ruder
Model: Ria Fushia Ferilyna
MUA/Styling/Wardrobe: Pippin’ Emerald of Trasformazione´

Photoshoot crews:
Flame spinners: Skyimage U’sov & Mohamad Zahren Fadzlan
Model’s asst/Fog creater: Mar Elly
Props/safety equipment: Kevin Fan/Rossi Abun
Video: Ashar Raul / Sallihin
Other shooters involved: Mezame, Missy Ida, Iskandar Ahmad, Azharrudin Abdull Aziz, NorSalwani Saibolbahri, Jason Gunawan

And here’s my favourite shot for the evening, after being given the Rapture atmosphere. It’s my first time shooting and Photoshopping something with steampunk as a theme. Hope I did Bioshock some justice!


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