Toy Photography Workshop!


Hello, Singapore! LIFE IN MACRO is a toy photography workshop hosted by myself from The Art of Mezame and supported by the awesome people at This Whitespace.

If you are keen on participating in this workshop, go to and sign up now (registration form can be found on the pinned post there)!

The first 5 sign-ups (with payment made) will receive a limited edition print of one of my previous toy photography works on the day of the workshop.

Please take note of the following details:
// Workshop is held on 23rd January 2016 | 3pm-9pm (6-hour course)
// $230 per pax (10 pax maximum limit)
// Limited edition prints for first 5 sign-ups
// Difficulty level: Novice to intermediate (you must already know how your camera works)
// Realistic-looking figurines provided for hands-on sessions
// You can bring your own figurines too
// Camera/lenses/laptops/speedlights/editing software not provided (kindly bring your own)

For more information, e-mail Mezame at Hope to see you there!

X-Wings spotted at Lower Pierce Reservoir

I popped by Lower Pierce Reservoir the other day in Singapore and thought this could be a great place to do a composite of some X-Wings doing a flyby above the surface of the reservoir (much like how the T-70 X-Wings flew above the lake on Takodana where Maz Kanata’s castle was located in The Force Awakens).

The X-Wings featured here are from my Kenner Power of the Force Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Starfighter toy vehicle (the ones behind the main are cloned).


Potential minor spoiler alert for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! You have been warned!

Last chance to turn back!

Ok. Looks like you’re still here which means you are OK with what is to be written after this.

“Here goes nothing!” – Lando Calrissian, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Star Wars: Rogue One is coming up in slightly less than a year from now and I am already excited by what’s in store.

First of all, the film will tell the story of how the Rebel Alliance stole the first Death Star plans from the Empire.

That’s right.

This is a prequel to A New Hope. I’m just gonna let that sink in a bit.

Although it is primarily a spin-off, this could just be the prequel that we’re looking for (sorry, George).

Secondly, we won’t have that many Jedi featured in the film as the main characters will mostly be those daring Rebel pilots and swashbuckling soldiers.

We need to remember that this film could take place in between Star Wars Rebels and A New Hope which means the Jedi Council was no more and most of the Jedi would have been in hiding or dead.

Darth Vader is rumoured to make an appearance though.

Instead of T-70s, we have the T-65s since I suspect that they would make an appearance in Rogue One. Could they only feature Y-Wings, the original starfighters of the Alliance before they stole the plans for the X-Wings from the Empire? But that’s non-canon now, right?

Ah. My head hurts just thinking about what got retconned and what stays. More luck winning a Wookiee in a game of Dejarik and surviving it than figuring out everything that’s going on post Legends.


Merry Christmas, everyone!



Talent: Alvin O Conner as Kylo Ren
Props, costume and weapon: Talent’s own
Assistants: Siti Zahara and Renee Ismail

Death Star Run @ Funan DigitaLife Mall

Funan DigitaLife Mall will be undergoing a 3 year long hiatus to rediscover itself as the go-to mall for all your IT gadget/photography needs. The management is currently holding a toy photography competition and the prize looks very interesting!

I’ve decided to join for the fun of it. Since we’re still experiencing the Star Wars fever, I’ve decided to go with Star Wars vehicles. I took some stock images of some of my Star Wars toys against a black backdrop to be used for the final composite. The ships were shot using my Canon EOS 5D Mark III with varying lenses – from the Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L USM to the Canon EF 100mm Macro f2.8L IS USM. They were lit with 2 strobe lights.

I headed down to get some shots of interesting locations within the building for the background.

I managed to get hold of the alley, the atrium’s ceiling and a very interesting structure with beams that look suspiciously like the Death Star’s. I took them with the Sony A7RII with the Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L USM on the Metabones Mark IV.


I came back later in the night when the places I was interested in were lit differently.


I decided to go with this one because it does have the feel of the Death Star tunnels back in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It’s located right at the entrance to the escalator that leads you to the sports and IT stores. You can find the entrance next to Watson’s. There’s a florist underneath the escalator too.


Here is my progress.

Firstly, I had to take shots of the toys against a black backdrop. A light tent was very helpful. It had to be big enough to fit in the Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon (whose length reached 2.5 feet).


Next, the images were taken into Photoshop and masked to get rid of the black background. Placement of the ships then began.


I played around with the placement of the ships further in relation to the lines in the background (vanishing point being somewhere in the middle) and eventually came up with this.


It was quite well received but I wasn’t satisfied and some of the feedback given was that it lacked the cinematic feel I was known for. I decided to do something about it.

I added a bit of film grain and re-worked the colours by playing with the saturations and hues. I also adjusted the highlights/shadows as well as exposure/clarity in Lightroom to give the cinematic feel, using the colours based on reference screen captures from the Death Star tunnel run scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I also moved some of the ships and removed some distracting elements like unnecessary laser fire effects.

Here’s the final artwork.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Feel free to share it.

To join the competition, head over to Funan’s Facebook page here.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Force has awakened with The Art of Mezame! This post is all about Star Wars.


In anticipation of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (just two more days where I am!), I managed to do a quick shoot of Alvin O Conner’s Kylo Ren and Willis Sia’s Darth Vader at This Whitespace studios. It was an epic crossover fantasy showdown – the iconic Dark Lord of the Sith clashing with Kylo “I will finish what you started” Ren.


I was also able to put a family on the map of the Star Wars galaxy as Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors. Instead of the usual Sith robes and Jedi tunics, they donned Bossini‘s latest Star Wars collection. Check out the series as Taryn-Ann, her kids and niece channel the Force into the world of fashion!


Like icing on the cake, The New Paper has also written a feature on fans of Star Wars who are in love with one another. The paper also features our Star Wars-themed pre-wedding photoshoot of Adrian and Adeline.


I am also humbled to receive an interview about what I love to do. Here’s an image capture taken by one of my Mezfans, Yayo Julez.


The Art of Mezame presents LIFE IN MACRO: A Toy Photography Workshop




Heya Mezfans! LIFE IN MACRO is a toy photography workshop hosted by myself from The Art of Mezame and supported by the awesome people at This Whitespace. If you are keen on participating in this workshop, go to and sign up now! The first 5 sign-ups (with payment made) will receive a limited edition print on the day of the workshop.

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